suit fabric

A good quality suit should consist mostly of natural merino wool

Wool fabrics offer natural thermal regulation, odour reducing properties and have natural stretch. These provide a more comfortable suit-wearing experience while giving fantastic drape, due to the innate cleverness of the fibre.

We have a quality standard of buying merino wool of Super 100’s or finer – which can include Super 120’s and the occasional 150’s and cashmere blends – which one would typically only see offered in made-to-measure suiting. Weight is important too, we keep from 260g to 300g which we find is the best all season weight for the North Island in New Zealand. Super 100’s: this is a term defined under the International Wool Textile Organisation’s (IWTO) Code of Practice to describe a pure wool woven fabric in which the mean diameter of the fibres are less than 18.75 microns. The higher the number, the finer the micron. It’s also worth remembering that just because the fabric is finer, doesn’t mean it’s lighter in weight.

For people that are always on the go, a more durable fabric may be required and that’s when synthetic fibre is useful – a 5 to 20% blend is enough to give the fabric extra toughness without losing out on appearance or comfort.



Fashion is about how you look and feel, and merino wool has numerous natural attributes that make it one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear.

Its superfine fibres feel silky to the touch and also has the ability to respond to changes in temperature, keeping one warm when it’s cold or cool while it’s warm. That’s right, wool keeps you cool during the warm days by breathing.



Between rushing from business meeting or social events, you need a suit that ‘breathes’, which means it must be able to absorb perspiration and release it into the air. No fabric does that quite like merino.

The hydrophilic core of the merino fibre has an amazing capacity to absorb liquid – up to 35% of its own weight. That’s far better than any synthetic fibres at removing sweat from the skin and releasing it as vapour.



Merino is much less likely to cling to ones body due to its moisture absorption qualities.



Merino has a delightful hue and when dyed the garment is colour-fast, which is why you’ll notice that we’re able to get many different hues in even plain black suits.



Merino has excellent natural handle. Its renowned drape is due to the fineness of the fibres as well as the natural elasticity and resilience of merino.



Merino wool is renowned for tailoring adaptability – its fluid drape, clean seams and soft silhouette make it the best choice for your new suit.