first time suit buyer

You can rely on any of our experienced staff to assist you with your suit purchase. Being suit specialists, any questions you have will be answered – it’s our business to know the finer details.

Let us help you find the suit that best fits your height and body shape. Our staff are highly-experienced in helping you find the ideal suit, and we have on-site tailors who can make adjustments to your suit if needed.


To make sizing easy, think of suits on the rack as a blank canvas for us to work with. Different brands offer quite different fits, and sizing on the tickets is really just a number.

There are three different fits within the same chest size (short, regular or tall fitting). Our in-store range start at 88cm in a short fit, through to 140cm in a regular fit.


Most suits will require minor alterations. Shortening hems and altering trouser waists is very common and can be done relatively quickly. We can arrange these suit alterations for you.

Suits on Broadway also has a range of shirts, ties, bow ties and other accessories to complement your suit.


A tailored suit is just that: tailored and hand-stitched to each individual body shape and size in a process which can take up to a month.

However, with changing times in which we now demand everything to be faster and done more efficient, Suits on Broadway has an extensive range of ready-made suits available; you can leave the fitting and sizing to us.