Recognized as one of the world’s best shoes, Loake are famous for making their  hand-crafted Goodyear welted leather shoes for over 120 years.  We stock a size range of the classic black oxford toe cap Loake shoes at all times. We also stock a range of black and tan brogue styles.  Experience the classic style and quality of these shoes for yourself.



Choose from a large range of Kiwi and Australian made belts to finish your outfit; from classic styles by Buckle Belts of Australia to the latest Parisian and Pierre Cardin fashion range made right here in Auckland, New Zealand. Remember, never use a belt just to hold up your trousers. A belt is an accessory, one which is just as important as your tie.



Cufflinks and tie bars are becoming a must in any well dressed man’s wardrobe; an easy way to make your everyday outfit that much smarter, personal and more sophisticated.



Just arrived, a fabulous new range of finest Italian Silk ties handmade in Como by Italy’s top tie makers. These ties are made from some of the world’s best quality silks and in a traditional seven-fold construction.

We source our extensive range of ties from all over the world including ones made right here in Auckland and have every colour covered, we guarantee to have several ties to match any shirt in the shop.

For wedding couples searching for the perfect tie to match their colour theme we can also custom-make ties, bow ties, cravats and pocket squares in your own fabric. Give us a call for more details.

Necktie Knots
These are the three most commonly used necktie knots: the Windsor, the half Windsor and the four-in-hand knot.

The Windsor knots are perfectly symmetrical. This knot gives a sense of nobility by looking elegant and sits well on wide collared shirts. Suitable for all business and formal occasions.

Four-in-hand: or more commonly known as the ‘Euro’ or the ‘school-boy’ knot is by far the easiest knot to learn and the most commonly used. Like the half-Windsor, it is asymmetric and is a slim knot so will suit a narrow shirt collar.


Whether it’s your classic butterfly shape, batwing or diamond-end, bow ties for formal Black Tie functions are a must! Apart from the classic black, white and red colours, we also stock a range of exotic bow tie patterns from polka dots to paisley to stripes, which you can either tie yourself or come pre-tied. If in doubt of how to tie a bow tie or ever wanted to learn, our experienced staff can run you through some easy tips and techniques in order to tie the perfect bows every time.