Parisian Liberty Batwing Self Tie Bow - Sebastian

Parisian Liberty Batwing Self Tie Bow - Sebastian

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This small scale geometric takes inspiration from the royal collection of finally painted geometric floors. Featuring 3D floral shapes within each diamond.

Add a bit of personality by tying your own bow

Liberty Printed Cotton backed with navy cotton drill

Adjustable band and hook clasp making it easy to tie, adjust and take on and off without untying

Made in New Zealand


Autumn Winter 2020 – Botanical Gallery

Parisian’s carefully curated collection for Autumn/Winter 2020 combines prints that celebrate Liberty’s heritage through the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the flower as an integral part of the Liberty DNA.

Drawing from the science of horticulture as inspiration, while adding a twist of romanticism, these designs showcase the artistry of botany.

Arts and Crafts relies on a close observation of natural forms found in the English garden, translated through exuberant scrolling foliage, a degree of three-dimensionality, closely interwoven foreground and background and richly mirroring repeats.

This collection continues a long tradition in Liberty of masterfully reworking historical designs with a new slant for the modern day.