Sports Coats and Blazers

The Smart Alternative

For the past century, sports jackets and blazers have been – and continue to be – the perfect alternative to your typical business suiting outfits when more casual and relaxed occasions arise. Whether pairing these with a classic charcoal dress trouser or opting for a tan coloured chino or the like, sports jackets and blazers are the ultimate addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Mixing and matching pieces keeps your outfits looking fresh, so it is best to begin (or continue) your sports jacket collection with a few versatile garments ensuring maximum usage and value for money from your investment.

From it’s humble beginnings in sporting clubs and the Royal Navy, the blazer has come a long way though adapting to different fashions and styles over the decades with various fabrics, cuts and colours. Not often anymore do we see the original red flannel jackets as worn by the ‘Red Blazers’ boating club of St. John’s College in Cambridge (from which the term ‘Blazer’ is said to have originated), however it’s navy blue counterpart – derived from the seaman’s double-breasted ‘Reefer Jacket’ – has become a quintessential staple for every man’s wardrobe.

At Suits on Broadway we pride ourselves in displaying a wide range of sports jackets and blazers in pure merino wool and merino wool blends, as well as some limited seasonal wool tweeds, linens, silk and linen blends and cottons for whatever event may ensue.