Choose from a comprehensive range of business shirts and formal wear shirts in an assortment of styles and colours.

Men’s shirt style options:

Shirt collar styles: regular collars, spread collars, cutaway collars, penny (or club collars) and wing-tip collars; among many in between variations of the main styles.

Shirt cuff styles: French (or double) cuffs and buttoned single cuffs (or barrel cuffs) are the main styles you will find in New Zealand.

Fitting styles: contemporary fitting shirts, regular fitting shirts, tailored shirts, tapered shirts, and slim-fitting shirts.


Casual Shirts

Shirt fittings: what does it all mean?

The short answer is confusion. Brands use their own description for their fits of shirts. ‘Tapered’, ‘narrow’ and ‘slim’ shirts are basically the same fit. Whereas ‘tailored’ ‘contemporary’ and ‘regular’ shirts can be similar to each other also.

The days of a universal sizing for men’s shirts is gone, but luckily we are here to assist and are more than happy to guide you through all the different fits to find one that best fits you.

Shirts are typically sized with collar measurements (usually in centimetres in New Zealand) and is critical to get right – especially if you are planning on wearing a form of neck-tie. As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to fit your index and middle fingers in-between the shirt collar and your neck for a clean and unrestricted fit.