A versatile look for work and social occasions


Every man needs a good mix of casual and dress trousers – whether they be for formal, casual or simply for work, we have a range of trousers that can rise to the occasion.



What styles of men’s trousers are available at Suits on Broadway?

In store you will find many different styles of men’s trousers. They vary from smart-casual through to more formal styles of trouser. Just tell us a little about your clothing needs and lifestyle, and we’ll be able to help you pick out the perfect pair of trousers.

A good quality pair of trousers is a vital part of every man’s wardrobe. After all, a smart pair of pants will see you from work to most social occasions and everything in between.

What to look for when buying trousers

As you’ll be wearing your trousers very often, it’s important to choose a pair that’s well made. A comfortable but hard-wearing fabric is essential.

When buying trousers we offer the choice of fine merino wool – which are known for their comfort and drape, cotton and cotton blend chino styles and corduroy typically during the Autumn/Winter months. We also have machine washable wool blends, which are excellent as hard wearing work trousers for the man who is constantly out and about.

How to make sure your trousers are the perfect length

Most men’s trousers will need to be properly hemmed to the perfect length, which we measure and alter in-store for you. The waist and other parts of the trousers can be altered also, if need be. These trouser alterations can quickly and easily be done by our on-site Broadway Tailoring service.

The classic perfect trouser length was that the pant hem should fall no lower than the top of the sole of your shoe at the back, while falling at the front with either a gentle break or no break at all onto the tops of your laces or shoe’s tongue for a clean and sophisticated look.

However, more modern fit trousers with a tapered leg will need to be altered accordingly. Whereas wider leg styles have the ability to fall around your shoes to create the desired length, slimmer styles at the same length will hit the tops of your shoes much sooner and start to bunch up at the bottom creating a sloppy and unattractive effect.

We eliminate this by giving as much length at the back as the pant as can manage before it bunches – as not to show off your socks as you walk, the hem is then sloped on an upwards angle to the front as not to fall too heavily onto the tops of your shoes. In any case, we will always consult you on the matter as it is a contemporary style to have shorter trousers to show off your ankles as a cooling effect in the summer or colourful socks during the rest of the year.