The Art of the Pocket Square

15 Apr | Nathan Perry

Male awareness around these small squares of fabric has been steadily rising over the past few years. More and more gentlemen are putting time into consider color matching and complimenting. The folds are becoming more expressive and on the Auckland high streets they are being seen more and more. Yet still there are a few things that I believe need to be understood about these silk and cotton off-cuts.

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The Return of the Double Breasted Suit

| Nathan Perry

The double breasted suit has taken something of a hiatus for the past few decades. Often seen as something out of the 80's the suit has been out of main stream menswear for some time. The reason for this recess may well stem from the fact that menswear in general has changed since that time and our memories of this suit goes hand in hand with our memories of the style of that decade. Yet the beast is back and is arguably the most regal and attractive suit on the market today.

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